Steps for Academic and Career Planning









Meet with your counselor to discuss, create and update your Individualized Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

Take career-related assessments in Naviance

Talk to parents/legal guardians, teachers and a counselor about your interests and post-secondary goals

Talk to parents/legal guardians and other adults about their careers

Attend career and elective fairs

Identify and research potential careers

Look at colleges and identify high school courses needed for college admission

Educate yourself about the different kinds of diplomas and the requirements for each

Review the Program of Studies and identify courses you would like to take in the future

Enroll in Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment and other advanced academic courses offered in high school

Challenge yourself academically; strive for a higher GPA each year

Participate in school and community activities

Consider summer enrichment programs, including campus, school-based courses and college courses

Consider volunteering or service learning activities

Create a game plan in Naviance Family Connection and update it each year

Start exploring financial aid options


Review your academic record to ensure information is correct


Start narrowing your field of potential careers and identify colleges that offer related majors


Become familiar with the T.C. Williams College and Career Center


Visit the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria office




Identify teachers, coaches or other adults who might write letters of recommendation for you


Attend college fairs and see presentations by college admissions representatives visiting T.C. Williams High School


Create a résumé in Naviance; update annually


Research and start applying for potential scholarships


Consider a part-time job or volunteer opportunity in a field related to your career goals


Start narrowing your college choices and visit the schools; create a filing system for notes


Consider community college, technical schools or apprenticeship programs


Start the application process for a military academy


Take College Entrance Exams (SAT, ACT, SAT Subject); retake as needed


Take the ASVAB if considering military options; retake as needed


Practice interviewing skills


Narrow your college list to five or six schools and visit the campuses


Write your college application essay and/or personal statement


Complete and send college applications; decide if you are applying for early decision


Consider applying to the Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program through Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)


Take the NOVA placement exams if considering the community college


Tell your counselor what colleges you are applying to so the appropriate information will be sent


Request letters of recommendation through Naviance


Complete the Federal Financial Aid Forms (FAFSA) as close to January 1 as possible


Complete the Scholarship Fund of Alexandria application and any other scholarship applications


Meet with a recruiter if you are joining the military; complete paperwork


Inform your counselor of your final post-secondary plans


Notify colleges by May 1 of your final decision


Participate in the Senior Experience program


Graduate with an action plan for your future success