Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

  • The Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) provides a structured means to support students in achieving their potential, actively contribute to his/her own learning and be prepared for college, work and life.
  • The ICAP is the vehicle by which each student, with support for his or her unique circumstances, will graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills necessary for higher education, multiple career paths and active citizenship.
  • The ICAP is a working document that maximizes student achievement by having students accomplish goals in middle and high school that leads to post-secondary and career readiness.
  • The plan is one that will evolve and adapt over time, just like our students’ interests and talents.
  • The components of the ICAP include the students’ program of study for high school graduation, a post-secondary career pathway based on the students’ academic and career interests, and goal-setting, with a focus on English and Math, or any content area where the student may need additional support in order to be successful in achieving his or her post-secondary goals. Students will analyze their data regularly to monitor their mastery of goal attainment.
  • Students utilize Naviance, the online college and career planning system, to complete the Do What You Are, Personality-Type assessment and the Career Cluster Finder career assessments. It is also used to complete the Naviance Course Planner and create a grade 6-12 program of study for high school graduation and a post-secondary career pathway. This is based on the students’ academic and career interests. See the ICAP timeline below. 



1st Quarter Individual

Students explore their individual interests, develop their strengths and cultivate their gifts and talents.

  • School counselors and students review the individual course schedule by grade level.
  • School counselors and high school students check the number of credits earned to determine the status of meeting graduation requirements.
  • Student sets academic, social emotional and college and career S.M.A.R.T. goals. 
  • Students explore strengths, interests throughout career assessments in Naviance by grade level.
  • School counselors present ICAP classroom lesson based on the developmental needs of different student populations.
  • High school student takes the pre-college and college entrance exams (i.e., PSAT, SAT and/or ACT).
  • School counselors and all students discuss college entrance requirements by grade level.
  • Students and families attend the annual ACPS College and Career Fair. 
2nd Quarter Career

Students develop knowledge of career pathways to connect their learning to 21st century post-secondary opportunities that include 2 or 4 year college, career training, work experiences and volunteer opportunities.

School counselor works with students to complete a career interest inventory and a career assessment in Naviance to explore post-secondary opportunities. 

School counseling team informs and updates families on the ICAP process through announcements, newsletters and/or parent meetings.

Monitoring of student S.M.A.R.T. goals.

School counselors present classroom lesson to reinforce and strengthen academic, social emotional and career development 

School counselor and student review 1st quarter progress and make adjustments as needed. 

3rd Quarter Academic

Students challenge themselves to engage in an academically rigorous and developmentally appropriate course of study that supports healthy social, emotional and career development goals and objectives. 

  • School counselor and students begin the academic advising process for the next school year by reviewing the credits the student earned and the credits the student still needs to meet graduation requirements.
  • Student and his/her family reviews the Program of Study to determine which courses the student will take considering the student’s interests and career trajectory.
  • School counselors continue to deliver classroom lessons emphasizing the use of Naviance for college and career exploration and planning.
  • School counselor and student review 2nd quarter progress and makes adjustments as needed.
4th Quarter Plan

Students cultivate their plan to build upon their learning successes and strengthen their areas of growth as they move forward and advance to the next grade level, school level or into higher education and their chosen career.

  • Academic advisement continues with a final reflection on the academic, social emotional and college and career development of the student over the school year. 
  • Depending on the developmental level of the student, plans for the summer include activities that will enrich the student and support their post-secondary goals and interests.
  • Students may need to register for summer school to make up courses and/or take advantage of enrichment opportunities to complete coursework early.
  • Students and families take advantage of opportunities to visit colleges over the summer and to get work experience and complete volunteer work.
  • School counseling team informs and updates families on the ICAP process through newsletters and/or parent meetings.
  • Students provide feedback on the ICAP process and changes are made incorporating student feedback.