Spanish for Heritage Speakers III

This course concentrates on enhancing the students’ existing competencies in listening, reading, writing and speaking Spanish though exposure to Hispanic history, geography, culture, and current events. Students will be able to express facts, ideas, and feelings in a variety of higher level speaking and writing tasks. Students will read, analyze, and interpret a variety of authentic texts and improve their knowledge and application of grammatical structures. Students will share cultural perspectives and practices and develop a deeper understanding through the context of literature. Through reading, listening, and discussion activities, students will also continue to develop their vocabulary. Upon successful completion of this course, students may progress to Spanish IV or Spanish V/AP Spanish Language and Culture. Spanish is used exclusively in the classroom.


Spanish for Heritage Speakers II or oral proficiency in spoken Spanish; limited proficiency in reading and writing Spanish. Proficiency to be determined by a placement test.



High School Credits


School Level

High School


9, 10, 11, 12