Spanish for Heritage Speakers II

In this course, students will continue to expand their skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking Spanish. Emphasis is placed on increased complexity of grammatical structures, literary genres, and multi-paragraph basic compositions. Students are expected to understand the main ideas and some detail of authentic Spanish texts as they begin to analyze and synthesize written information. In written assignments, students will learn to summarize information, express their opinions, and provide some details. Students will also continue to study Hispanic culture by learning about various Hispanic personalities and historic events in Spanish speaking countries. Upon successful completion of this course, students may progress to Spanish for Heritage Speakers III. Spanish is used exclusively in the classroom.


Spanish for Heritage Speakers I, or Spanish for Heritage Speakers IA and Spanish for Heritage Speakers IB, or oral proficiency in spoken Spanish; limited proficiency in reading and writing Spanish. Proficiency to be determined by a placement test.



High School Credits


School Level

High School
Middle School


8, 9, 10, 11, 12


full year