French IB

Students continue the study of French language and culture, learning essential vocabulary and structures for day-to-day situations. Vocabulary and grammar structures are presented in real-life contexts and are developed around specific communicative functions. Topics focusing on adolescents’ lives, needs and experiences, such as family, after-school activities and shopping, are integrated into instruction, as well as products, practices and perspectives drawn from the target culture. During the language-learning process, students gain insights into how their own language is structured, as well as an increased understanding of the relationship between culture and language. Students also develop an appreciation for the many recreational, educational and occupational uses of French beyond the classroom. This course stresses communication and culture, making use of a variety of ancillary materials and appropriate technology applications to present the language in an authentic manner. Students attain language proficiency through acquired cultural knowledge and the development and use of the four language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing.




High School Credits

high school credit

School Level

Middle School


7, 8


full year