T.C. Satellite Campus

In September 2012, ACPS launched a new innovative learning campus to help students fast-track their way to graduation. It is the first comprehensive, non-traditional satellite high school campus in Northern Virginia. The satellite campus delivers a 21st-century curriculum that is flexible in scheduling and student-centered in support. This opportunity prepares students to compete in the global marketplace, but with a down-to-earth approach that recognizes the challenges they may face in completing their education.

Some of the features of the T.C. Satellite Campus include:

  • Flexible scheduling with a minimum of 20 hours of physical attendance each week
  • Personalized learning environment that uses online and digital content to engage and enhance learning; an environment where data is consistently used to drive instruction
  • A streamlined program targeted towards earning a high school diploma
  • Small group setting (maximum capacity of 100 students)
  • College and career counseling and life skills preparation
  • Opportunity to also register for CTE courses held at the T.C. Williams High School main campus.

The T.C. Satellite Campus is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and multiple Saturdays throughout the year as needed to support student success.

See a list of Online and Satellite Campus Courses.

To complete an application to enroll in the T.C. Satellite Campus, contact your school counselor or call the campus at 703-619-8400. Visit www.acps.k12.va.us/satellite for more details.