Honors Virginia and U.S. Government - We the People

This course will appeal to students who like demonstrate skills in debate and public speaking, and have an interest in law, public policy the U.S. Constitution and government. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of our Constitution and political system while working towards the following goals:

1. Prepare to participate in the district and state-wide “We the People” competitions, and/or showcase.

2. Empower students to think about the world in which they live, and study specific public policy issues with an eye toward affecting change in the community. Students pick an issue they believe is in need of change. Then thoroughly research the topic to determine alternatives to the current situation, costs of the change and which public officials are responsible for decision-making, then construct an action plan designed to bring about change. Students will be inspired to contact government officials, present testimony at public hearings and lobby for proposed change.


This course fulfills the U.S. VA Government graduation requirement.



High School Credits


School Level

High School