Physical Science 8 or Honors Physical Science 8

Physical Science continues to build on skills of systematic investigation, with a clear focus on variables and repeated trials that were studied in grades 6 and 7. Students also validate conclusions using evidence and data. Instruction stresses an in-depth understanding of the nature and structure of matter and the characteristics of energy, with considerable emphasis on the technological application of physical science principles. Major areas covered include periodicity (the Periodic Table); physical and chemical changes; nuclear reactions; temperature and heat; sound, light, electricity and magnetism; and work, force and motion. Instruction focuses on inquiry through observing, experimenting and modeling. The importance of scientific research that validates or challenges ideas is emphasized; therefore, students are encouraged to develop research projects for entry into science fair competition.

A standard program of study and an Honors program of study are offered in Social Studies. Students identified to receive Talented and Gifted (TAG) services in Social Studies are scheduled into Honors sections of U.S. History 1, U.S. History II and Civics and Economics.



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