AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism; Mechanics

This college-equivalent course begins by allowing students to build on their own understanding attained in a first course in physics. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that Physics C be taken as a second-year physics course. During the second semester, students will complete a study of college-level Electricity and Magnetism. In May, students will complete two end-of-course AP exams, each corresponding to approximately one semester of college work. This course is rigorous, mathematically-intensive, and conceptually-abstract. Calculus is used whenever appropriate in formulating physical principles and in applying them to physical problems. Strong emphasis is placed on solving a variety of unique, challenging problems. Students who are co-enrolled in AP Calculus BC or who have never taken a physics course may take the course with instructor approval.


AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC


AP Science Lab Seminar


Students who enroll in AP courses must take the end-of-year AP exam. The cost of these exams is paid by ACPS.



School Level

High School


11, 12