AP Physics 1

This inquiry-based laboratory course is for students who want to learn first-year physics at an accelerated pace. It is designed to prepare students for college-level physics. Students will explain, analyze, and communicate about motion, forces, and energy. Though mathematics such as algebra and trigonometry are emphasized in this course through problem-solving. Students will use multiple representations including diagrams, graphs, and written descriptions to model physics concepts. Units of study include kinematics, Newtonian dynamics, energy and momentum, rotational motion, mechanical and electromagnetic waves and electric circuits. Students use technology including graphing calculators, computer simulations, and probe ware to explore these concepts. Students who have previously taken AP Physics C may not take this course.



Pre-Calculus or higher level math class


Students who enroll in AP courses must take the end-of-course AP exam. The cost of these exams is paid by ACPS.



High School Credits


School Level

High School


10, 11, 12