High School Honors, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment Intervention Support Plan

Students who are enrolled in an Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment (DE) or Honors course, but are having difficulty, should receive academic and counseling support. A variety of challenges may confront AP, DE and Honors students, including:

  • Lack background knowledge and skills essential for learning the course content
  • Difficulty keeping up with the instructional pace of an Honors class
  • Struggles with the complexity of course content
  • Quality of time management, goal attainment and self-regulation
  • Social-emotional issues related to maturity of the learner.

Once the teacher, parent/guardian, counselor or student is aware of issues affecting the quality of student performance and work products, the teacher will meet with the student to establish an intervention plan. However, no later than the time of the 1st quarter interim, a plan must be initiated for any student who is earning less than a “C” in the specific AP, DE or Honors class.

At the end of the 1st quarter when a student continues to experience difficulties in one or more classes within the AP, DE or Honors program (as evidenced by a grade of “D” or lower):

  • Counselor, teacher, student and parent/guardian meet to discuss what additional supports are available. The student is encouraged to speak candidly about what is working and what is not working to meet the requirements of the course.
  • After all avenues of accommodation and support have been explored, the student, parent/guardian and counselor should work together to consider if alternative placement for the student in the parallel standard course is the right decision developmentally for the student or if the student should remain in the course with continued support.
  • If a consensus regarding placement cannot be reached, the school principal will make the final decision regarding the appropriate placement of the student no later than the interim grade report of the following grading period.