English 10

Continuing the process that began in ninth grade, students further explore the association between world history and world literature. Students read and analyze literary works from the 16th century to the present, examining the influence of historical events and eras on literature. Students develop skill in literary analysis through class discussions, various forms of writing and other activities, addressing similarities and differences of literary structures, images, themes and archetypes across many cultures and historical periods. Students read critically both literary excerpts and full texts, and strengthen oral language skills, through participation in and peer evaluation of individual and small-group activities. For in-class and out-of-class writing assignments, students generate and organize ideas, develop drafts, evaluate the clarity and accuracy of the writing and make revisions as appropriate. Students also continue to develop research strategies through direct instruction and the completion of research activities that require students to locate information using technology, verify the accuracy of the information, confirm its relevance to a specific topic and purpose and select the information to prepare a presentation of the research findings.



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High School