AP English Language and Composition

The AP English Language and Composition course is the equivalent of an introductory college writing course. Its purpose is to enable students to understand complex texts and to write prose of sufficient richness and complexity to communicate effectively with mature readers. Students must have an above-average aptitude for writing effectively across the curriculum. Emphasis on expository, analytical and argumentative writing as well as personal and reflective writing heightens students’ awareness of their composing processes and the way they explore ideas, reconsider strategies and revise their work. Students write a variety of papers, including researched argument papers, using information synthesized from complex nonfiction and fiction, primarily from American literature. Vocabulary study, writing, and grammar study development help students develop stylistic maturity.


Entry into this course is available to any student willing to complete the required assignments. Students are strongly advised to have taken ninth-and tenth-grade Honors English and to have earned a B or better. Students who enroll in AP courses must take the end-of-course AP exam. The cost of these exams is paid by ACPS.



High School Credits


School Level

High School


11, 12