Television and Media Production III

This course serves as the capstone course of the TV Production sequence and functions as a small production unit where students write, produce and distribute a variety of programs proposed by ACPS and nonprofit community agencies. Projects produced in this class are used for portfolio development and are televised throughout Alexandria on ACPS-TV. Through the use of individual and team-based projects, students experience all phases of production including client networking, project development, budgeting, scheduling, post-production of both picture and sound, and finally, presentation and distribution of the product. Students must maintain a C or better average in this course to be dual enrolled at the college. Students who do not maintain a C average at the end of the semester will be moved to a non-college level course. Students may have the opportunity to practice the skills learned in class at off-site locations.


Dual Enrollment Television and Media Production II and meet all college entrance requirements



High School Credits


School Level

High School


11, 12