Advanced Academic Programs

ACPS offers several advanced academic programs to meet the needs of a diverse group of students. In grades 6-12, students have the opportunity to enroll in Honors courses, and in grades 9-12, students can choose to enroll in courses to engage with college-level material to earn college credits through the Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (DE) programs.

The purpose of the advanced academic programs is to extend the ACPS Program of Studies in terms of depth and complexity and to appropriately challenge advanced learners to achieve their highest academic potential:

  • Each of the advanced-level programs is designed to provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum to motivated students.
  • The courses are taught at an accelerated pace and offer enhanced content.
  • Students will receive accelerated and enriched assignments and reading in these courses to support the application of material in the classroom.
  • In addition, students are expected to learn independently with less directed instruction from teachers.

ACPS has an Equity and Excellence policy (ACPS policy IGBJ) (PDF) for advanced academic programs, including students with disabilities and English language learners who seek increased academic rigor. Any student who is interested in taking a course should talk with his or her teacher, counselor and parent/legal guardian for advice. If students are ready to accept the challenge of more rigorous coursework, they should consult with their counselor when selecting classes.