STEM Seminar

STEM Seminar is a course intended to provide students with the opportunity for practical application of skills and knowledge learned in previous STEM courses. In addition to developing an understanding of the professional and ethical issues encountered by STEM professionals, student learn to refine their skills in problem solving, research, communication, data analysis, teamwork, and project management. Instruction will be delivered through school laboratory training or through work-based learning arrangements such as internships, cooperative education, service learning, mentoring, and job shadowing. Students will also explore post-secondary study options in STEM fields. This course will include opportunities for: a) apprenticeships, mentorships, job shadowing, internships, cooperative education; b) project-based learning opportunities; c) school, community, or service learning experiences; d) a culminating research project with an electronic portfolio and final STEM reflection presentation.


STEM Explorations I, CTE STEM Pathway



School Level

High School


11, 12

Elective Credits